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Time Schedule:

  • September 4 
    Closing date for grant application and workshop proposals .
    To register and apply, please go to our registration form.

  • September 15
    Closing date for host city bidding
    If you would like to propose your city as host to the next ILGALAC Regional Conference, please fill in this form.

  • September 15 
    Closing date for submission of candidate lists for election of the Regional Board
    To submit your list of candidates, please use this form. Note that the registration of candidates must be carried out in the form of a list and must incorporate 6 principal candidates and 6 substitutes for each ILGALAC subregion.

  • October 15 
    Closing date for regular registration
    From that date onwards, the registration price goes from US$220 to US$250. The registration form stays the same (you can find it here); if you do not intend to apply for a grant, specify it in this box and proceed with the registration process.