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ILGALAC is the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association for Latin America and the Caribbean. Its Regional Office, headquartered in Buenos Aires, helps to improve communications and networking within more than 250 member organizations in all countries of the region.  Check out our profile and current local work.

Regional Office – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

With the opening of its Regional Office in the city of Buenos Aires, Latin America and the Caribbean becomes the second ILGA worldwide region to have its own headquarters after ILGA Europe. The new regional base will help to have a closer contact with member organizations of ILGALAC.

Latin America and the Caribbean is a vast region with a diversity of cultures and regulations which impact directly on LGBTI rights, whose status differ significantly among nations, as can be seen fromthe ILGA State-Sponsored Homophobia Report. It can be said that Latin American countries are among the world´s leading LGBTI equality promoters thanks to laws, policies or judicial decisions that have taken place in Argentina, Bolivia , Brazil, Chile, Ecuador , Mexico City , Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay. However, it still remains an arduous work ahead with focus on the eradication of prejudice, the so-called “traditional values”, religious and political fundamentalism, whose most terrible consequences are hate crimes, criminalization of homosexuality and special emphasis on the struggle against State-sponsored homo/lesbo/transphobia, which is still entrenched primarily in Central American and Caribbean countries.

Contribution of ILGA with the UN and the OAS

ILGA has consultative status at ECOSOC, the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which allowsthem to be active participants in all the conferences and meetings of the organization, providing greater visibility forthe struggles of its members, helping them enquire their governments on LGBTI rights, or campaigning for LGBTI organizations access to speak on their own behalf atthe UN forums and participating at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), among other possibilities and actions.


Regional Conference – Regional Board- Regional Secretariat

ILGALAC Regional Office works for the promotion and realization of Regional Conferences, which are the most important structure in decision making regarding ILGALAC in terms of legislation approval of new members and internal and external organization, strategic planning and actions. Each member expresses their views and concerns and has the right to vote on issues related to the conference. In turn they will support the Regional Council and Secretariat, who are the organization’s authorities for the purpose of implementing the policies and actions that they aim to develop.

Weekly Newsletter news LGTBI region

This weekly newsletter is made ​​by the regional office, through the communications officer. It consists of a summary of news, actions and information about what is happening in the region thanks to our organizations work. It is sent to groups of LGBTI, members and allied organizations around the world, in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Lines of Action

ILGALAC works in the region are being developed in different activities, programs and lines of work in support of member organizations through out Latin America and the Caribbean. We are currently progressing with articulated actions with:

ILGALAC office seeks to increase contact with organizations in pursuit of improved communication to and from ILGALAC. Under this line, it aims to develop a regional strategy to respond to local needs and challenges.

Knowledge Networks

It is necessary create networks between LGBTI organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to share relevant information on specific topics. . These networks form groups in which ILGALAC works as a facilitator in the exchange of documents, news and actions that are of topical interest to the network. Currently we suggest working on 8 thematic networks:

• LGBTI Persons Deprived of Liberty.
• Inclusion of trans and intersex people.
• LGBTI Youth.
• LGBT older adults
• Hate crimes.
• Bisexual lesbian health.
• Health HIV / AIDS and STDs.
• Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

Audio-visual Materials

The Regional Office will develop audiovisual material aiming to support and strengthen the communication strategy of the different local media organizations in the region or country where they have influence. It seeks to strengthen the dissemination of actions performed by LGBTI organizations, multiply its message among the public and contribute to the creation of local agendas with topics of interest to each organization.

Press Support

Development of a protocol for press releases in which the different Regional Secretaries and the Regional Council can decide on topics and urgent matters in the region, of interest for our community. The work will be focused on different media channels, for increase the impact of local organizations in their respective areas of influence.

New channels

The Regional Office has different media to provide support to individuals and organizations can to communicate with the team. Constantly monitor and evaluate the feasibility of opening new channels of communication to bring ILGALAC work and connect to organizations. The channels we currently have are:


• Address: Av. Córdoba 4123, Piso 1. Buenos Aires (AR)
• Phone: +54 11 48643716
• Fax: +54 11 48644153
• Email:

Social Networks:

• Facebook:
• Twitter: @ilgalac
• Skype:  ilgalac
YouTube Channel: ilgalac


It is essential to achieve the maximum on dissemination activities, complaints or reports made by local LGBTI organizations. This is considered paramount to increase the media presence on the region. Thus, thanks to the international character of ILGALAC can give more thrust and visibility to all the voices of our activism.

Call to action

A pronouncement protocol will be implemented when a hate crime or a relevant story that deserves a public pronouncement of ILGALAC in any of the countries of the region.

Media List

ILGALAC office is constantly building and updating a list of local media to send them press releases. The Media List allows us to see how many people were sent materials and information and who read the statements, to be able to make a follow-up, among other important roles.

We intend that governments in the region recognize ILGALAC asa benchmark for the LGBTI community.

Institutional strengthening in international organizations

ILGALAC follows reports of the Unit for LGBTI rights in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS,it will increase its impact on the participation and promotion of alternative reports and the Universal Periodic Review conducted by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations Review.

Monitoring and advocacy projects of the OAS, UN,RIOOD and other international agencies will be performed. Furthermore, the approach with UNASUR and MERCOSUR will seek to achieve resolutions that create inclusive public policies for the LGBTI community in the region.

Information Request on hate crimes and public policys

Monthly we will request local and national governments in Latin America and the Caribbean reports on Hate Crimes and Public Policy towards inclusion of LGBTI community. This aims at reporting about specific actions performed by States and assessing levels of contact with local organizations in developing their policies. It also seeks to promote joint work with the State when organizations require it.

Track Sheet

A Track Sheet is designed with 10 specific questions about the situation of LGBTI rights and work with the state in each country in the region to monitor the situation of each nation. This Track Sheet is also used as part of the Report of Homo / Lesbo / Transphobia in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Report Homo, Lesbo, Transphobia in Latin America and Caribbean

The Annual Homo / Lesbo / Transphobia report in Latin America and the Caribbean accounts for the situation in the various countries of the region. It will also include status sheets with information about each country, the section on Latin America and the Caribbean Report State Homophobia ILGA World, directory ILGALAC member organizations, regional maps and world map.

Good practices publications, positive actions or actions for change

Survey of activities, programs, legislation and projects that impact positively on the LGBTI community from different countries in the region in order to promote dissemination and replication in other areas and situations.

Publication of Executive Report Lesbian and Bisexual Health: Building new realities of ILGALAC.

Synthesize information on the perception of activists from Latin America and the Caribbean, about the of health coverage of lesbian and bisexual in the region, such as quality of care, discrimination and characterization of diseases that affect them. Also compiles information for those living with HIV and / or have acquired a STI, information about health centres that provide specialized throughout the region care, among other issues.