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ILGA, founded in 1978, is a worldwide network of national and local groups dedicated to achieving equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI)people and freedom from all forms of discrimination everywhere


Vision at ILGA is that of a world where all human rights are respected and all people can live in equality and freedom, hence being a world enriched by the diversity of sexual orientation, gender identities and gender expressions.


  •  Promoting equality and freedom through lobbying, advocacy, and communication; and educating and informing relevant institutions at international and regional level as well as governments, social media and civil society.
  • Facilitating cooperation and solidarity between regions and ILGA members.
  • Providing leadership to human rights organizations, including our members, for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Members of ILGA

ILGA members continue to grow, having reached a significant share of 1,005 in 2012! All this is a tribute to the work of this organization in its 34 years of life (including outreach activities of communication managers in the regions) and the recognition of the fact that the strength to fight for our rights comes only from unit groups in the context of a global partnership democratically organized. It is remarkable to say that this symbolic figure justifies a very concrete way our representation and legitimizes us to speak and act on behalf of a large number of members or associates.

Thus, we have to keep alive and foster dialogue among members, the Executive Committee, the Secretariat, and also within regions. We must continue with the development of systems that allow members to contact and organize with the secretariat when necessary and also to regularly check to members through a feedback on the decisions taken by the Board and secretariats have to take. The number of responses to recent consultations with members of the existing structure of the regions, as well as through the website, shows that members are willing and eager to participate more actively in the life of the organization.

The member analysis at a regional level shows an increase in all regions compared to 2011, although the long-term goal remains to achieve a distribution of members in the regions that match directly with the population share of each area. 433 members out of 1,005 members present are based in Europe, 271 in Latin America, 97 in Asia, 86 in North America, 85 in Africa and 33 in ANZAPI.




ILGA Europe


ILGA North America

ILGA Africa



  • More than 2,400 people have followed ILGA on Twitter and Facebook Approximately 1500 people have joined the ILGA-Asia Facebook while ILGALAC Facebook enjoys regular visits from about 1300 followers on its profile.
  • 140 monthly newsletters were sent by the communication team to 4511 LGBTI organizations in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
  • 2100 articles were posted on, providing up to the minute account with the current affairs of the LGBT movement around the world with special focus on Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

  • The dedication of over 30 voluntary translators allowed ILGA to continue communicating in 4 languages and ensure their internal work including their board meetings that were accessible to both English and Spanish speaking population. 
  • ILGA facilitated the participation of local activists in various forums including the United Nations United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW ) and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR, in its English acronym), both through the support by its presence in Geneva and New York and the shadow outline of draft reports.